Top 10 QR Code Marketing Tips for Small Business

19 Jan


QR Code Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

1. Start with well-defined goals. Think about why you’re asking someone to scan your code in the first place. What do you want them to do? Are you simply trying to increase
traffic to your home page? Educate consumers about a product or service? Your business goals should determine how, when, why, and if you even use QR codes.

2. Decide if a QR code is right for your target audience. Given the young-male-skewing QR code user demographic, a QR code may not make sense for your business. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent selling homes in a retiree community, plastering a big QR code on a home-for-sale sign is probably not worth the effort. However, if you’re marketing a loft condo in tech-savvy San Francisco, using a QR code on the home-for-sale sign may be a good strategy. Also, keep in mind that not everyone likes how QR codes look. If you’re going for a sophisticated, streamlined look with your brand, a QR code could be the wrong approach.

3. Make scanning a QR code worth the effort. In order to get to the URL in a QR code, a customer must take out his or her smartphone and take a picture of the code with a QR reader smartphone app. While there are many free apps available, the customer may need to download one in order to get to the link you’re promoting. That’s an extra step that many potential customers aren’t likely to take — unless you give them an incentive, such as a discount coupon they can download and use right away in your store.

4. Consider printing a short URL near the QR code. Many potential customers won’t have a clue what your QR code is or does, so you’ll probably need to add a brief explanation as a caption to the QR code. And if space allows, you should consider adding a shortened version of the URL in the QR code, for those who don’t understand QR codes or don’t have a QR scanning app installed. (Services such as let you abbreviate long URLs for free.)

5. Your QR code should link to a mobile-optimized website, rather than a standard desktop site.Sending customers to a site that doesn’t display well on a smartphone isn’t going to show your brand in a positive light.

6. Test the QR code using a variety of devices and QR reader apps before publishing or posting it. Each time, make sure the code takes you to the desired Web page without a hitch.

7. Use analytics to determine how your QR code marketing efforts are working. A number of free and paid Web services offer analytics to help you track how your code is performing. You can use Google Analytics to see how much traffic QR codes are driving to your site, for instance. QR code services such as QReateBUZZTAGO, and BeQRious offer more detailed analytics.

8. Consider cell phone signal strength when deciding where to post QR codes. To access the URL in your QR code, customer smartphones need a wireless signal. And so, a QR code within an ad on a subway platform might be ineffective if cell tower signals are weak underground.

9. Use QR codes where people are likely to have time on their hands. Does the freeway in your city typically bottleneck around the same place every weekday? If so, a QR code on a billboard at that chokepoint might be worth the investment. A QR code on a bus stop ad might also help you get attention. Some vintners are adding QR codes to their wine bottles to deliver more information about the wine to upscale restaurant patrons enjoying a leisurely meal.

10. Add your logo to your QR codes. If you or someone on your team is proficient with image editing software like Photoshop, you can implant your company logo within your QR codes, just as companies such as Adidas and Subway often do. Just be sure to test the codes to ensure they work properly.

I hope these tips help you in expanding your marketing with today’s techy tools. It may help you reach a new audience!

Do Something Today That Will Make A Difference In Your Life Tomorrow 🙂

Yours in Success,




What is Day1?

17 Jan



Day 1 is a purpose-driven company that aims to serve you, and serve the
needs of others in our midst. We’ve created a totally different kind of
business model where our partners can save and earn money on our unique
and often exclusive products, and then redirect all, or a portion, of that
savings to the charity of their choice. The full-circle benefits of Day 1’s
model are one-of-a-kind, and we hope we’ve got your attention!

By helping our partners redirect their spending on the products and services we offer, we can create a profit center and a giving model like no one else has ever done. And when you get involved with Day 1, you have the option to be a preferred customer or a charity partner. Either way, you – and the charity organizations that make you passionate – benefit!


Day 1 is based on sound, principled leadership. The three top level Executives were the founders of four of the largest and fastest growing direct sales companies in the country. Under their direction, this company is specifically positioned to grow quickly, and in the
exact way to bring the greatest benefit to everyone enrolled in our model.


Our team is 100% committed to finding the “best-in-breed” products, services and technology to offer our partners. We want every person who is involved with Day 1 to have an exclusive advantage when it comes to experiencing new and innovative products and services, and as we grow, we’re committed to adding even more offerings to keep our partners engaged and fulfilled!


Day 1’s compensation plan is founded on the conviction that everyone should be treated fairly.
People are tired of the “pyramid model” where you have to be at the top of the triangle to benefit. But using our unique linear payline model, every person in our compensation model is entitled to the best possible earnings. Our philosophy is that everybody benefits from everybody, and we pay out more in commissions than any other company has ever done.


At Day 1, our vision for this company from the very start was to put the needs of others first, and our commitment to giving back to charity organizations has always been at the heart of that  vision. We believe in life, to give is to receive, and our business model is the only one that integrates benevolence from the start. Through carefully developed trainings and personal development sessions that are offered to any and all of our Day 1 participants, it is our belief that the culture of this company will bring added value and increased rewards to the lives of our partners, and all of the people we serve.

If you would like to learn more about how Day1 is helping charities & non profits nationwide, or if you’d like to see how this opportunity and our products can help to put some extra money in your wallet….. Visit:

Do Something Today, That Can Better Your Life Tomorrow

Yours In Success,

Miguel Fernandez


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